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Our company was tracking company mileage (which we bill out to projects when appropriate) by manually keeping a paper log in each vehicle. Then, at the end of the week, the logs were turned in to someone who grouped together and then sent over to the accounting department to manually create a Project Charge Entry batch.

A lot of times, the projects and / or tasks scribbled down were not correct or were no longer accepting expenses. To start validating the data and to cut down on manual entries, we created a mileage entry screen! The drivers create a weekly log by vehicle and enter their mileage daily (assigning projects and tasks for each trip.) At the end of the week, the drivers complete their logs just like they complete their timecards. The screen reads and write to custom tables that we created in our application database.

Below is a demo of the new screen (both from an end user perspective (showing what ‘form view’ looks like to get an idea of phone entry) and then the batch creation screen that is for accounting only.) If a piece of equipment has been entered into our custom table, the starting odometer will actually be read from the last ending odometer. In the example I selected, the equipment had not previously been used.

We also built a screen, Mileage Batch Creation, that is accessible by certain members of the accounting department. They can review the logs and select them when ready to create a ‘mileage batch.’ The mileage batch creation actually creates a posted Project Charge Entry batch and updates the project history for the included projects. The rows are then ready to be allocated and billed. During the batch creation process, we are writing the detail id of the transaction rows, so that when the invoice is generated, the accounting team can enter the draft number into an SSRS report and get a clean mileage backup print out that includes detailed odometer readings along with travel dates and employee names.

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