Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps Customized Build Demo

As some of the prior posts mention, I’ve done quite a bit of development on our Microsoft Web Apps release….below is a quick look at all these changes in one video! If something sticks out that you want me to expand on, please comment and let me know; I’ll try to write a blog post on that soon. Please keep in mind that this is my test server which is slightly slower than our production environment.

Some highlights….

  1. Change CSS files when company selected changes
  2. Direct access from menu to most recent open timecard (based on a stored procedure that runs, so changes after you complete and create your next one!)
  3. Faster load times
  4. Enhanced duplication process and added to TC entry screen
  5. Addition of bootstrap and font awesome icons
  6. Lookups occur on the same page (popup-like)
  7. Validations are a popup that must be dismissed
  8. Only show hours when > 0
  9. Added a filter to the grid to return projects that contain what user entered
  10. Stored procedure that fires on completed timecard and won’t allow completion with errors
  11. Note enhancement process
  12. Remove Row Confirmation prompt
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