Resource Planning Web Services Lookup Error

Do you use Resource Planning in Dynamics SL Web Apps? If so, it’s handy but currently has a few bugs which don’t present themselves to the end users, but can definitely impact their overall experience (and sometimes lead to lost data.)

I want to stress that I don’t point out errors to shed any negative light on anyone! I make mistakes and I’ll be the first to admit it! I am just sharing to help someone else who may be encountering the same issue and hopefully save you the debugging time if you are.

The one I’ll start with today is related to a lookup that is run by web services when you change the search option in the resource filter grid.

To reproduce this error:

  1. Open your developer console in Chrome by pressing F12.
  2. Load the Resource Planning by Project page.
  3. Click the search / filter button below the ‘Available’ / bottom grid which opens the filter grid.
  4. Add a new row, then change the field you are searching (ie. from Employee to LABC)

Congrats – you have now produced the error. After some debugging, I found that Web Services is running a proc to get the ‘pv_’ stored procedure from the webservicelookup and webservicelookupit table. There is no actual stored proc named ‘pv_’ that I am aware of and no row in those tables for said procedure, but it does cause an error.

I have no control over what web services does since that is Microsoft’s proprietary code, so we’ll just fix by inserting a row into the webservicelookup and webservicelookupit tables in your SYS database. This way web services gets what web services wants. Code below….

Also, while you are working on your Resource Planning module, I would strongly suggest removing the ‘drag and drop’ feature as any drop not in a valid location just results in JavaScript errors.

--run on your SYS db
INSERT INTO [dbo].[WebServiceLookup]
           ,'fix web PV apps error - MSDE'

INSERT INTO [dbo].[WebServiceLookupIt]
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